An institute specialized in theoretical-practical academic preparation in different modalities related to refrigeration, electricity, heating and other specialties. Our objective is to train all our students at a technical level so that when they leave they are more than qualified for the growing job offer and high demand as their means or main pillar of professional work.

Why us?

  • Theoretical-Practical Courses
  • Expert Teachers in each Subject
  • SUPER Accessible Prices
  • Intuitive and Structured Teaching
  • Practices with Precise Instruction


Our mission is to help them prepare for a career where they earn a good salary and may even have their own company. We will have schools across the country available so they can improve their future without having to be away from home or leave their current job or family. Our Institute will be number 1 in helping all Hispanics achieve their goals

Admission requirements

The requirements are very basic so as not to limit your opportunities, you do not need previous studies and your immigration status does not matter. You only need a photo identification that can be your ID, License or passport.

Payment Options

We accept any credit card through Paypal. In addition, you can make the weekly payment plan without interest or you can apply for financing where you can receive a scholarship for 10% of the course and the rest you would pay monthly through a loan. Consult that we can help you!.









DO NOT hesitate to specialize and work immediately

Choose the skill that you like the most and learn QUICKLY. You will start working FAST and with developed skills, it will be the best decision in your life

Be part of the Millions that ALREADY TODAY are specialized and work generating profits of more than 40 thousand $$$ per year.

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