Electrical Installations

Entry into the field of residential electrical construction and commercial projects

What you will learn

In this course we have modern tools and effective learning techniques to encourage students to become electrical technicians. We offer flexible start dates and hours in order to train applicants in an effective manner and backed by all the necessary certifications and requirements. We have all the necessary support materials to teach the proper electrical techniques in the residential field. We provide the full support of teachers and experts in the career, so that students can resolve any questions or concerns when taking classes. We offer payment facilities and the registration fee includes all the necessary study materials.


The Electrical Construction Technician program is designed to train the student and bring them to an entry level in the field of residential electrical construction and commercial projects.

What it will do

This is a program aimed at developing the student's abilities to introduce themselves to the fundamentals of electricity with modern tools, equipment, and practices for proper selection and installation as required by the National Electrical Code. AND You will be trained to:

  • Tube Bending Specialty
  • Installations and Wiring
  • Load Balancing
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Installation of Appliances and Equipment
  • OSHA 10Hrs
  • Safety at Work

Number of People per Course: 4 to 9


Monday and Wednesday 6pm to 10pm Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 10pm Saturdays 10am to 3pm (18 Weeks) Sign Up




Registration: $150

30 Week Course
(3 Months)= $3199
15 Week Course
(6 Months)= $3000

Sign Up


They are very simple and we detail:

  • A Photo Identification (ID), License or Passport.
  • No need for a high school diploma
  • Your immigration status does not matter
  • No previous studies required
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