Specialize, Get your Certificate and start EARNING MONEY!

Study a career in high demand, in your language, at affordable prices, with your certificate that will allow you to work, earn a very good salary and that will train you to:

Air Conditioning Repair

Domestic and Commercial Electricity

Domestic and Commercial Heating


We at the Jacksonville Technical Institute offer you the opportunity to study a career in high demand in your language and at affordable prices where you can obtain the necessary knowledge and be highly prepared in the career you have chosen, with certifications that will allow you to work and earn very good salary.

Our objective is to train all our students at a technical level so that when they leave they are more than qualified for the growing job offer and high demand as their means or main pillar of professional work.

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DO NOT hesitate to specialize and work immediately

Choose the skill that you like the most and learn QUICKLY. You will start working almost immediately and
With developed skills, it will be the best decision in your life..

Be part of the Millions that ALREADY TODAY are specialized and work generating profits for
plus $40,000 per year.


Thank you a million because studying at your institute, gaining specialized knowledge and hands-on practice enabled me to start working immediately. Better impossible!

Jhon Martinez Refrigeration Student

Why us?

  • Theoretical-Practical Courses
  • Expert Teachers in each Subject
  • Practices with Precise Instruction
  • SUPER Accessible Prices
  • Intuitive and Structured Teaching
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